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The universal SMART GRIP GO antiskid belts are made of special inserted elastomers, for uses in demanding operating conditions, with adherent properties and target the drivers who prefer a device easier  and faster to use than chains or other antiskid systems.

They are designed to help the driver to get out safely from an emergency situation or can be used on low grip roads where snow chains are not mandatory.

It adapts to almost all types of tires up to 21 "inclusive.

Can be used with the vehicle safety systems ABS, ASR, ESP, etc, without affecting their proper functioning.

Installation temperature -10, + 80
Temperature during usage -40; + 80

The whole system is packed into a compact bag which includes: carrying case, instruction manual, 8 belts + 16 zip ties, a pair of gloves, pliers to adjust the length of the belts and the tightening cable ties.

Using instructions / disassembly
The SMART GRIP Go belts are designed to be mounted on alloy rims mainly but can be used on steel wheels if there is enough space for their insertion.

Check with a universal SMART GRIP belt if the distance between the brake caliper and rim can easily allow it to be inserted within that space without causing any problems. The recommended minimum distance between the caliper and the rim is 1cm/0.39 ‘’. The space between the wheel and wing and other items must be at least 2cm/0.78 ‘’

1. Insert the SMART GRIP GO belt inside the rim from the back.

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2 .Adjust the length of the belt / band using cutting pliers so that the distance between the ends remains 3-4 cm to facilitate tightening.

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3. Insert and tighten the self-locking cable tie well. Tightening the tie must happen outside of the tire bead. For longer distances we recommend providing additional cable ties, which are to be inserted on the spokes of the rim. After tightening, the belts must stay fixed on the wheel. Cut or adjust the excess material remaining from the cable ties.

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Disassembly is done by cutting the cable tie that provides tightening between ends of the belt.

For details visit The SMART GRIP team wishes you a safe journey

WARNING: This product is designed for a small number of uses. Product use on hard surfaces will hasten deterioration. Reuse of a damaged product is not recommended.

For constriction, 9 mm width cable ties are to be used. Caution is recommended during running.

Manufacturer SC Pandrol Ro SRL
Sole distributor : Sc F B F Srl

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