Sambata, 30 Mai 2020

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The universal anti skidding belts Smart grip are a modern system created for rapid and easy use, when being in need of additional grip or in emergency situations (when stuck). Antiskid road chains are difficult to install, cost more and in most instances have a more considerable weight and dimensions. The Smart Grip antiskid belts can be installed with ease in just a couple of minutes on the traction wheels of any vehicle with varying weights.

They are made ofspecial inserted elastomersfor uses in demandingoperatingconditions, notably temperatureconditions, chemical environment, etc. andprovidegripon snowandmudor sandproviding youthe protection youneed. The universal antiskidSMARTGRIP GO belts are an alternativetosnow chains,wherechainsare not mandatory.

The Smart grip Go universal antiskid belts can be utilized with all the electronic safety systems as: ABS ESP ASR ASC + T without affecting their normal functioning parameters. They are designed not to damage the tires or rims even in case of usage on hard surfaces.

Unlike chains, wheel slip covers or other devices that can be installed only when the vehicle is in a flat position during mounting and require mandatory vehicle movement the SMART GRIP GO universal belts can be mountedeasily withouthaving to movethe vehicle,evenwhen it isstuckinuphill or downhill.

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